Pros (Kindergarten) Max 14 children

Our PROS program is a 60-minute drop off sports clinic where we focus on a single sport for two weeks at a time to reinforce the lessons learned. We start each sports clinic with a fun warm up and then move onto drills and non-competitive game play. We emphasize trying one’s hardest and working together to accomplish a team goal. We aim to find the correct balance of structure and fun.

Classes Frequently Asked Questions

1-How many children are in a class?
We limit our class sizes to no more then 8-12 children depending on the age. We find children learn best in a small setting with personable coaching and engaging activities.

2-Do parents need to stay at class?
All our classes are drop off except our Cubs program (ages 2.5 – 3). We encourage all families to watch their children as they appreciate the support!

3-How many coaches are in a clinic?
There is a minimum of 2 coaches per clinic. Some clinics may require a 3rd coach and we insert accordingly.

4-Do you prorate classes?
All our class packages are updated after every class. You only pay for the remaining classes upon your registration.

5-Do you offer trial classes?
We offer paid trial classes. These can be scheduled 72 hours in advance.

6-What if my child doesn’t like the class?
Can I be refunded? YES! Our program is about the children. If your child isn’t ready for whatever reason, we will refund you the remaining scheduled classes and keep communication open for the future!

7-Can I organize a private class for my child and friends?
Yes! We can coordinate a private class subject to time. Minimum 8 kids for a private group.